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Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Buy Violator Kush Online. Violator Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (80:20 indica/sativa). An intensely potent strain that was bred by crossing the infamous Hindu Kush with Malana. Violator Kush produces dense, bright green buds with a thick layering of sticky, resinous trichomes. Its’ distinct aroma is characterized as having a pungent, almost spicy pine-tree scent, that lingers in the mouth. Upon smoking, this strain will leave the user with a relaxed buzz that slowly envelops the entire body. As the high sets in, individuals will feel a strong sense of cerebral stimulation  – leaving the user feeling more social and talkative. A potent strain, ideal for those suffering from chronic pain due to injury or illness, appetite loss, and sleep disorders.
Effects of Violator Strain
Relaxed – 100%
Sleepy – 73%
Happy – 64%
Euphoric – 50%
Focused – 42%
Medical Effects of Violator Strain
Pain – 100%
Stress – 82%
Insomnia – 78%
Depression – 62%
Headaches – 50%
Negative Effects of Violator Strain
Dry Mouth – 100%
Dry Eyes – 70%
Dizzy – 30%
Paranoid – 10%
Headache – 4%


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