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Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa

Buy Triangle Kush Online. Triangle Kush is an indica dominant strain that originated in the state of Florida. This strain got its name after Florida’s three cannabis-producing capitals: Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville. The Triangle Kush high begins with a sudden increase in energy and focused attention. As the effects settle in, users will experience a heavy body buzz that melts away pain and eases sore muscles. This strain is a popular choice amongst connoisseurs for its ability to stimulate creativity and socialization, while also aiding in pain relief. Triangle Kush has been used to treat various conditions including chronic pain and inflammation, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, and fatigue.

Effects of Triangle Kush Strain
Relaxed – 100%
Happy – 96%
Euphoric – 75%
Sleepy – 62%
Uplifted – 57%
Medical Effects of Triangle Kush Strain
Stress – 100%
Pain – 45%
Depression – 80%
Insomnia – 76%
Headache – 48%
Negative Effects of Triangle Kush Strain
Dry Mouth – 100%
Dry Eyes – 27%
Headache – 27%
Dizzy – 26%
Paranoid – 23%

Triangle Kush is an indica originating in Florida, named after the state’s three cannabis-producing capitals: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Like many kush strains, plants are low yielders, but clear, active effects stimulating creativity and discussion drive this strain’s production. DANK’s cut is no exception, bringing strong potent buds at 25% THC. The plant and its buds have a very pungent and diesel-like aroma. Upon deeper inhales, a skunk undertone is also apparent, perhaps due to its strong OG Kush heritage.

When smoking Triangle Kush buds, expect heavy flavors to hit you immediately with your first inhale. The spicy taste is evident but the sour aftertaste of lemony flavors is what the strain is known for. This sourness is quite heavy and comes with hints of pine and earthy flavor, making for an interesting taste.

This strain’s effects are gradual, but ultimately build up to something beautiful. Triangle Kush makes you feel relaxed, and induces bouts of creativity, and is ideal for various types of artists. Users often engage in deep conversations after consuming this strain, because it creates a drive for discussion, and can make you more focused. Euphoria kicks in soon and has a lasting effect. However, it might make you a little dizzy.

The Triangle Kush also has some potent medical qualities. Since it makes you completely relaxed, it is good for those under stress. It helps you get rid of your anxiety. And it is perfect to relieve you of bodily pains, especially back pain and headaches.

Hailing from Florida, the Triangle Kush usually flower at approximately 70 days. It has low yield both indoors and outdoors, but it can become quite tall during the initial 21 days of flowering. It is grown best in dry climates, with a high CO2 content and warm environment of up to 88 degrees. Optimum soil pH for growing the Triangle Kush is between 5.8 and 6.0.


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