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Indica dominant hybrid – 60% indica / 40% Sativa

Buy Mandarin Kush Online. Mandarin Kush, also known as Mandarin OG, is a slightly indica dominant leaning hybrid, created by crossing Tangerine Haze with the classic OG Kush. Mandarin Kush is all about those citrusy flavors – bringing about a mouthwatering aroma of fresh orange juice, heavily accented by spicy, earthiness. Within minutes, this strain will open up the user’s mind, uplifting the spirits, while propelling the user into an energetic state that is both mentally and physically stimulating – making this strain the perfect pairing to those busy, eventful days. An energizing rush floods the body and mind, inducing feelings of motivation and sociability, allowing the user to feel more outgoing and able to engage easily in conversations with groups of friends. Mandarin Kush is an ideal strain used to treat various conditions including depression, chronic stress, and anxiety, pain due to inflammation, chronic fatigue, as well as migraines.

Effects of Mandarin Kush Strain
Relaxed – 100%
Sleepy – 81%
Happy – 78%
Euphoric – 50%
Hungry – 30%
Medical Effects of Mandarin Kush Strain
Stress – 100%
Insomnia – 85%
Depression – 84%
Pain – 80%
Lack of appetite – 75%
Negative Effects of Mandarin Kush Strain
Dry Mouth – 100%
Paranoid – 50%
Headache – 48%
Dry eyes – 38%
Dizzy – 6%


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