Congo is an insanely popular 100% pure Sativa strain that is the result of a cross between a female Congolese X Mexican Sativa X Afghani. This dank bud won 3rd Place for Best at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2013 and boasts a THC level. The Congo high is often described as a feeling of elation and awareness with alertness and an increased ability to focus. This is accompanied by a light tingly body high with amplified senses and excitable energy that slowly fades into a feeling of tranquility and well-being. Because of these uplifting effects, this strain is often used as a wake-and-bake treatment and is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as anxiety disorders, tension, chronic stress, and fatigue. The Congo buds have fluffy and airy light minty green nugs with deep orange and red undertones, thin fiery orange hairs, a layer of fine crystal trichomes, and are sticky with syrupy sweet resin. With a fruity cheesy aroma and a taste of spicy berry, Congo certainly is a delicious treatment option for any medical cannabis patient.

Effects of Congo Strain
Uplifted – 100%
Focused – 70%
Creative – 68%
Energetic – 62%
Happy – 32%
Medical Effects of Congo Strain
Stress – 100%
Depression – 92%
Pain – 70%
Fatigue – 68%
Inflammation – 40%
Negative Effects of Congo Strain
Dry Mouth – 100%
Dry Eyes – 10%
Anxious – 5%
Dizzy – 5%
Paranoid – 5%


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