Buy Strawberry Shortcake 1000mg Vape Cartridge (Chill) online

Buy Strawberry Shortcake 1000mg Vape Cartridge (Chill) online. Strawberry Shortcake packs a delicious punch of sweet, ripe strawberries, cream, and spicy earth. A unique blend of Chronic, White Widow and Cheese Heavyweight gives a relaxed, happy, and inspired effect.

Our cartridges comes pre-filled with your strain of choice. Each Timeless blend is clinically tested with results consistently averaging 85+/-% THC potency, making it the most powerful cartridge ever offered by Timeless Vapes.

CartridgeCaryophylleneEuphoricHappyHybridMyrcenePineneRelaxedSpicy/HerbalStrawberryStrawberry ShortcakeSweetTHCTHC-DominantWoody

More about this strain: Strawberry Shortcake

This potent combination gives Strawberry Shortcake an aromatic blend of fuel and strawberries, which translates into a flavor that the breeder describes as “bubble-gum scented Jolly Ranchers” and “old funky cotton candy.”


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