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Phencyclidine (PCP), also known as angel dust among other names, is a drug used for its mind-altering effects.

PCP may cause hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sounds, and violent behaviour.

As a recreational drug, it is typically smoked, but may be taken by mouth, snorted, or injected.

It may also be mixed with cannabis or tobacco.

Phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, is a recreational drug with hallucinogenic and neurotoxic effects.

With street names such as “angel dust” or “wet”, PCP comes in either powder or liquid forms.

The illicit drug is typically sprayed onto leafy material such as cannabis and then smoked.

This certified solution standard is suitable for use as starting material in calibrators and controls for a variety of LC/MS or GC/MS applications from forensic analysis and clinical toxicology to urine drug testing.


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