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Buy packwoods atomic og RYO kit 

Buy packwoods Atomic og RYO kit online contains HYBRID THC* 22.88%CBD* 0%


Packwoods Roll-Your-Own Kit features 3.5g of premium indoor flower, 3 engineered glass filters, and 1 booklet of premium Vibes rice rolling papers.

The result was known as Northern Lights, a three-time Cannabis Cup winner during its stay in Holland, where it was developed and stabilized by Sensi. Northern Lights then went to Canada and Dr. Atomic Seeds recrossed it with its own distant relatives. The result was an indica-dominant strain with fast flowering times (approximately 8 weeks), short stocky plants, and a mind/body sensation with an uplifting effect. Atomic Northern Lights’ scent has been described as pungent and the strain has a sweet flavor.

Effects Buy packwoods atomic og RYO kit online 

Atomic OG is a mix of Chem Dawg and a clear sample of OG Kush for purposes of increasing yield and vigor. With the Indica traits of Atomic OG strain being dominant here you’ll definitely feel more of a body high, but the high levels of THC are going to keep you in the stratosphere until Atomic OG knocks you out completely. The term ’couch lock’ is in full effect. Atomic OG‘s has Intense fuel and citrus aromas with hints of menthol and berries. Very satisfying making Atomic OG an ideal medical strainAtomic OG also has very high levels of CBD, making this an excellent strain for aches/pains and insomnia.


Atomic cannabis strain by Bomb Seeds is an evenly balanced hybrid. It has the power of THC Bomb and the lovable flavour


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