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Kingpen Battery Kit for sale

The Kingpen battery kit for sale consists of a battery and a charger. This comes in a convenient carrying case. It equally contains a slot to place your Kingpen cartridge in. The Kingpen Pen and battery result from careful lab testing and analysis. This is to give the user the best vaping experience. This explains why the Kingpen has the most awards of any other vape pen. This 710 king pen battery Kit equally works with the 510 thread Kingpen.

The 710 Kingpen Baterry kit for sale last for a reasonably long time. This provides the user with one of the best on the go vaping experiences. The Kingpen battery kit also has an easy push button style and equally a preheat function. It also has a 3 voltage option. Vaping the kingpen cartridge with the 710 king pen battery makes the flavors more highlighted. The 710 thread battery finishes a 1 gram cartridge in 2 charges.

Buy King pen Battery Kit

The 710 Kingpen Battery simply stands out as one of the best. Its slick design and easy use makes it at least among top 3 Vape batteries out there. The Kingpen cartridges contain cannabis oil from the desired cannabis weed strain. Examples include, banana sherbet cartridge, the cali o king pen cartridge and the romulan grapefruit cartridge.The Kingpen oil cartridges burn smoothly to release delicious and sweet smelling flavors. The THC levels in Kingpen cartridges generally exceed 70% with low CBD content unless otherwise. Buy King pen Battery and also buy King pen battery kit.


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