Buy ATF (Alaskan Thunder F**k) 500mg Vape Cartridge (Energy) online

Buy ATF (Alaskan Thunder F**k) 500mg Vape Cartridge (Energy) online. As an earthy, sweet, and pungent Sativa-dominant strain, ATF is describes as giving a euphoric, uplifting and soothing high with strong enhancement of appetite and creativity. It has strong notes of pine, lemon and skunk.

Our cartridges comes pre-filled with your strain of choice. Each Timeless blend is clinically tested with results consistently averaging 85+/-% THC potency, making it the most powerful cartridge ever offered by Timeless Vapes.

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More about this strain: Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The initial nose scent of this strain may be off-putting to some as its terpene profile is fairly unique. Mixing sweet fruitiness (banana and orange) with an earthy skunk (pine, diesel), this is a strain more suitable for a developed palate. Fans of Jack Herrer may enjoy the classic fresh lemony-pine notes of ATF. Because of its creativity-inducing effects, ATF is a great strain for those who wish to consume while still being able to concentrate. Too, many say this strain lacks the typical crash that comes with a potent sativa.

Since ATF is known for its intensely cerebral head high, those prone to sensitivity may want to take a conservative first puff or two and see how it affects them.

Fun fact: this strain shares the name of a popular drag queen known for her high-energy performances.


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